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How to preserve vegetables:

We all hate throwing vegetables away, especially when we haven’t gotten round to using them. To prolong the storage life of your veggies in the fridge, wrap them

Fruit hack:

Extend the shelf life of your bananas by pulling them apart from the bunch and then covering the stems in either plastic wrap or foil. Wrapping the stems

How to breath life back into stale bread:

If you have a Baguette or a loaf of sourdough or any bread really that has gone a bit stale if you do not have time to go

How to peel ginger with ease:

How to peel your ginger without wasting most of the bulb. Ginger can be peeled sparingly, quickly, and easily using a teaspoon. Use the teaspoon to scrape the

How to dry out herbs to best preserve them:

Durban has a very humid climate which makes drying out your own herbs difficult. As a solution sort your herbs onto a paper towel-lined plate and pop the

Fresh herb and olive oil blocks:

To make fresh herb-infused olive oil more accessible, or to maximize counter storage we recommend that you try freezing your fresh herbs and garlic mixed into your olive

the perfect eggs:

want to ensure that your eggs do not overcook? Well, if you turn the heat off before the eggs finish cooking, you can avoid overcooking them. This is

How to amp up the flavor in your food:

To amp up the flavor in your food toast the spices in a dry pan or in some oil to bloom them and it helps release the aromatic

How to make your own stock cubes:

Use a Celery, onion and carrot veggie base. Add bones and bring to the boil. reduce the heat and skim gunk on the top. at the end of

Perfect roast:

Wacky Wednesday tip: Roasts are wonderfully easy. You pop it in the oven, set a timer, and forget about it. Preheat the oven according to the type of

How to prepare a tougher piece of meat:

Wacky Wednesday tip: When preparing a tougher piece of meat such as flank, chuck, or flat iron steak, it is rather important to tenderize them. to tenderize the

Banging burgers :

When making patties it is important to get the ratios of fat and meat right to ensure that the patties are moist and that they stay together. Especially

Wacky Wednesday Tip: How to prepare the best pork belly ever

The best way to keep a pork belly most and to get the perfect crackling is by cooking it in the oven at about 150-160 degrees and to

Wacky Wednesday Tip:

When cooking chicken breasts in the oven, especially if you need to leave them in the oven once cooked to keep warm. Place an oven-safe mug or cup

Wacky Wednesday Tip:

whacky Wednesday tip: before putting your chicken or protein of choice onto your kebabs – soak the kebab sticks in some water to prevent it from burning, splitting

Wacky Wednesday Tip:

Wacky Wednesday tip: when defrosting meat, Do not defrost the meat in hot water rather take it out and let it defrost at room temp or in the

Wacky Wednesday Tip:

Wacky Wednesday tip: today we are giving you a way to repurpose those last sips of wine left in the bottle- with “wine cubes”. – pour your half

Wacky Wednesday Tip:

Whacky Wednesday tip: cooking burgers ? We have the best tip for you! Before@you pop your patties in the pan/ on the braai – leave a thumb print

Wacky Wednesday Tip:

Whacky Wednesday tip: When cooking venison the best way to cook it is to cook it quickly and on a high heat for steaks and fillets to avoid

Wacky Wednesday Tips:

Whacky Wednesday tip: If steak is what you’re preparing, like chuck steak, flank steak, or flat iron steak, these cuts can be quite tough if not properly tenderized.

Wacky Wednesday Tip:

Whacky Wednesday tips: planning on braaing this weekend? Know the best cuts to grill – porterhouse, T-bone,sirloin,tenderloin, strip stake. Brush with a bit of olive oil to prevent

Wacky Wednesday Tip:

Whacky Wednesday tip: Cut tougher pieces of meat across the grain.One way to make tougher meats tender starts with your knife and fork (or on your cutting board).

Whacky Wednesday Tip:

Whacky Wednesday tip : Turning meat too often makes it lose its crispy crust and natural juices, leaving your steak flavorless and dry. However, a challenge with this

Fillet Steak with mushrooms

Ingredients: 25g dried porcini mushrooms ( these are for more flavor but you can use fresh mushrooms or normal button mushrooms) 400g wild mushroom (these can be normal

Whacky Wednesday Tip: Fillet steak

when prepping a whole fillet, it is important to “clean” or “trim” it by removing the sinew from the surface of the meat against the grain of the